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Daily Photo – Antipasti



One of the appetizers that I sampled at Ristorante Sangallo ai Coronari in Bella Roma

Buffalo Mozzarella, Buffalo Ricotta, Eggplant, Sundried Tomatoes and Olives

Daily Photo – Osteria Ai Carmini – Dorsoduro, Venice

I discovered Osteria Ai Carmini last night just as the Spain v. Italy match started. It is located in Dorsoduro just off of Campo Santa Margherita. It is my new favourite restaurant! The food was so fresh, the staff were friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed… I can’t wait to go back!

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Daily Photo – Fresh Crab Salad at Ristorante Le Maschere in the Starhotels Splendid – Venice

Daily Photo – An Afternoon in Rome with Bruschetta

Bruschetta at Caffe Della Pace in Bella Roma http://www.caffedellapace.it/

Daily Photo “Live” from Bella Roma – Pizza con Speck, Brie & Rucola

Pizza Con Speck, Brie e Rucola at Il Corallo in Bella Roma (amazing thin crust)

Daily Photo – Rollatini Di Melanzane

Rollatini di Melanzane

Rollatini di Melanzane at La Foccacia in Bella Roma

Eating, Sipping and Searching for the Gladiator…

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Saturday morning was sunny and gorgeous when I woke up. I started my day at Circus Art Café… it is one of my favourite hang-outs. Small croissant and cappuccino… then later it was lunch at Antica Taverna on the outside patio, which is actually the cobblestone street. I decided that the only way to get over my “Broken Heart” is to keep busy and eat my way through Rome. I wanted to try their Fiori di Zucca … I also sampled the cod (yes that was deep fried too)… and I had Insalata Capriccisa to balance it all out.  The sounds around me were swallows… love swallows… I would just like to bottle that sound and release it in my apartment. Then… a man started playing an accordion… The outside patio filled up really fast, in fact it was packed.  I was sitting at a table closest to the narrow cobblestone street…where the mini cars are just barely able to drive by… if you bent over you would probably get clipped in the head by a rearview mirror…if you weren’t careful that is. A cab slowly drove by… the driver stopped and smiled at me and then carried on…

After lunch, I commenced my walk… I was in search of the Roman Gladiator but was quickly distracted by another sort of Gladiator….”sandals”….sparkly Gladiator sandals… the Roman Gods always know what is best for me… I took some photos of exposed bricks because I wanted to capture the texture. Had to make a pit stop at home and then carried on to check out something I had seen at the end of my street. It was an exposed archway almost sunken into the ground… (in the photo slide). The street I live on is already down from the river and this was even lower…  more history exposing itself to me.

My walk ended with a stop at Emporio alla Pace… and then I stopped at Circus Art again … I had come full circle.  As I sat sipping a prosecco and working on photos, I felt someone staring at me… I turned to look and it was Colin Firth.  He was wearing a black shirt and looking as sexy as ever… even if he was just staring at me from a magazine. Heart you Colin!

Today – Sunday was another relaxing day. I stopped at Emporio Alla Pace for a cappuccino. My little Sandro came into the caffe with his person. He was out and out flirting with 3 other people at the table in front of me but then he came to visit me.  I headed out for a late lunch at Taverna Parione.  I had the zucchini fries and fish…These zucchini fries were not battered … so delicious!!! As you can see from the before and after shot in the photo slide I ate them all. I make these sometimes at home but you know how it is, things always taste better when someone else cooks them for you.

Today was also the switch-a-roo of winter clothing to Spring clothing from my storage.  The temperatures here have been really nice. I see tourists walking around in shorts and flip flops. Today was a bit cooler but we are heading into April now so it will just get warmer. I have some exciting things that I am thinking about doing for the months of May and June… a professional food writing course with a spin on travel…online with Don Genova http://www.dongenova.com/. He is a journalist/food writer from Vancouver and he has spent time in Italy. So I am quite excited as I think about stepping things up a notch and also think about the possibilities for my future…the thought bubble above my head is full of ideas…so the  love affair continues… from Bella Roma, ciao for now!

Daily Photo – Carciofi


My Venice Food Experience… A Bit of a Love Affair

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

- Truman Capote -

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Venice is complete madness for my senses…or maybe a “Carnival” is the better word? The architecture, the Gondola, the art, the Canals and… the food! The photos above were taken from December 2011 to present day… Let the Love Affair continue!


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