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Amendment to “Project Warrior Princess”

I wonder if my neighbours can hear me swearing to myself?”… I caught myself  swearing while I was doing my homework Monday night. I had the window open and everything kind of echoes into the centre.

The temperatures are getting warmer and the heat is now working in the classroom.  There were many days where we sat bundled in scarves, gloves and jackets during 3 hours of class… But yesterday it was so warm in the room that I caught one of the students nodding off…LOL!

By Tuesday morning I was at my usual breaking point.  It’s a good think that I have implemented Project Warrior Princess because pampering myself, or nurturing myself, as I like to call it, is all part of the regime. When I finished the morning lesson I walked out into the gorgeous sunshine… I could feel a hint of excitement so I took myself to “433” for lunch. I had a nice big salad with bits of roasted chicken and that was accompanied with a glass of vino bianco. When it was time to have my Café Macchiato I was totally relaxed. The restaurant was buzzing and I sat back and people watched. 2 dogs were bounding around and playing with each other on the cobble stone street and people were sitting outside in the sun at the café next to the restaurant…3 priests were sipping wine outside and I started feeling a bit festive. I decided to drop my book bag off at home and go for a walk. As I headed down the street towards Via Del Corso I could see lots of people sitting in the sun on the Spanish Steps…My walk took me to Sephora which was then followed by a visit to my hairdressers where I sat for a few hours as they gently took care of me…I found myself nodding off a few times while they were applying blonde highlights. When I arrived home I could hear fireworks going off. There was I think a Carnival happening in Piazza Popolo… someone had mentioned this in class today.  I am not sure what they call it here but it was Shrove Tuesday or as I remember it being called “Pancake Day.” Mom used to make pancakes for dinner on this day… English tradition. Oh I could have totally gone for a stack of pancakes dripping in Maple Syrup and butter….

I walked into class this morning and one of my classmates said “Stanco Cinzia?”  (Tired?) I replied, “Si”…she then said,”Did you have wine last night?”…. I replied, “Si, I had wine”… We all love wine it seems.  When class started, I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if they would notice if I did not come back after the 10:30 coffee break?” …I came back.

I’ve decided to make an amendment to the “low-carb” portion of Project Warrior Princess…the truth is, I love pizza, pasta and wine and I am not prepared to give them up… so I will just have to rely on old fashioned exercise. I have gotten back into my Yoga and I went for a bit of a walk about yesterday and today.

Today I was over by the Pantheon… I discovered a little tea store called “NamasTèy” They have a variety of teas, chocolate and cookies… as well they have tea pots and cups etc. I sampled this divine pistachio cream spread… I told the lady that I could just eat this out of the jar. You see…how can I possibly low carb when there are so many wonderful food delights waiting for me! I went to visit Bernini’s Elephant and he is looking great after the restoration they had performed on him back in the Fall. I will have to get some new photos. I walked into the Piazza that was located in front of the Pantheon and music was playing… the outdoor restaurants were busy and people were just hanging out… I popped into Despar Grocery Store and found that they had some cookies that contained no milk and no eggs.  I picked some up for my Tutor.  My tutoring session was changed from Tuesday to tomorrow night. I popped into Creative Made Bakery and discovered that they also have a dark chocolate cookie that does not contain eggs or milk… I told them that I loved the Prosecco I bought last week as I stood there with another bottle on the counter before me. “She was smiling and said “Ti Piace…”..I replied, “Oh Si!…mi piace!”… I remember last week (the night before I was leaving for Venice) I was in the Bakery and this really handsome man came out from the back…the lady said “Lui (he) really likes Prosecco as well”…My eyes went from looking at the very handsome “Lui” straight down to the wedding ring on his finger … : S

I was invited to an Aperitif tonight but passed on it…I had other things that were very important for me to complete and as well I wanted to do my Yoga. I am behind on writing a few hotel reviews for Trip advisor as well as posting hotel photos. Venice thoughts are still with me and I could easily go at the drop of a hat. But, I am very happy that the sunshine and warmer temps have returned to Rome…. As well the days are getting longer!!! More light!

It’s time for me to go and do my homework…Until next time, Ciao for now!


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