Post Test Recovery: Chicken Strips, French Fries, Wine, Sleep, Shopping, Aperitivo, Pizza …

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I woke up to the news that there had been an earthquake in Emilia–Romagna (a region in Northern Italy). The epic centre was 36 km. north of Bologna. I’ve attached a news clipping which has video feed showing the damage.

I made it through another language test. I was up late Thursday evening studying and after my mind could not take anymore, I treated myself to 1 hour of Spartacus. It was another blood and guts episode mixed with a few naked gladiators. I love the costumes in the show. The ladies toga style dresses were mixed with exotic gold threaded fabrics. I can tell that they use fabrics from India because I used to design garments using the same type of “sari” fabric.

I was up at 6:00 a.m. Friday morning trying to squeeze in the last bit of language homework.  We started the test during the first half of class. Then the marking of said test began. I thought I had done ok but when it came to marking the test my heart sank. I had done the “Pronomi Combinati” portion correctly but when I went to answer the question I forgot to conjugate the verb into first person. Pfffffff… Then on one exercise worth 7 points I used the wrong conjugation entirely. I left the rest of the test for the teacher to mark. I don’t even think I got 50%..unless she gives me ½ points for having one of two verbs conjugated correctly in a sentence.

By coffee break I was exhausted. A few classmates and I went to Giò’s for our ritual 10:30 a.m. cappuccino. I sat quietly and stuffed sweet custard filled pastry into my mouth. Then I heard “You have Nutella on your face.” I turned to look at my friend and it was as though her donut had exploded on her face.  “I don’t care!”, she replied. We were in serious “Post Test” stress eating mode. It’s during test week that you might sometimes find me during coffee break sitting with eyes glazed over staring straight ahead as I stuff a sugar coated donut into my mouth. I might even be found wandering back to class with sugar or salt on my forehead depending on what I have eaten.

I barely made it through the last half of class. When the bell rang at 12:15, I went straight to the Irish Pub down the street from the school. I ordered chicken strips and a glass of wine. When the meal was placed before me, I decided that I wanted fries. I whispered to the waiter, “Could I have a side of fries please?” He laughed and said, “They are just french fries, it’s not like you are ordering Crack.” I used up all of the small packets of mayonnaise for dipping purposes… mmm french fries and mayonnaise. Oh no now I am craving Poutine…

After lunch I went home for a catnap that lasted 2 hours. I woke up and decided to take myself to Via Del Corso. Shopping was followed by Aperitivo at one of my favourite bar and food places called “Brassai”.  I like that everyone knows me by name and I actually remember all of their names. The owner has introduced me to all of his staff and brother included. This is the place where I had pasta dinner last Friday.

After a good 10 hours of sleep I gave myself Saturday off of all studying. I went for lunch… I think my pizza and wine came to $10 euro. The pizza’s here are massive, as you have seen from some of my photos. (In Vancouver if I went for lunch at Earl’s, I would be paying $9 for a carefully measured small glass of house white.)  I stopped at my grocery store and picked up fresh prawns and salmon at the fish market. The prawns are sweet. I love having this fish market 5 minutes from home.  The man that helped me told me how to dress the salmon. I will be having that for dinner tonight!!

This concludes most of my weekend. From Bella Roma… ciao for now!

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  1. When the going gets tough, the tough get eating! That is my philosophy, so hope it helped ease the pain…

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