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Four Letter Words of Frustration

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Yesterday morning, I realized that I had done part of my homework incorrectly. I sat trying to get it done and there was one exercise that I left partially blank because I could not understand it. I was not in a good mood and found myself late for school again.  As I was swearing in my head and telling myself how much I hated this…I then had to tell myself to watch my thoughts. I was on the hamster wheel. I shuffled along to school and 2 times I thought about heading in another direction… to that outdoor cafe… Even when I got to the school I thought about turning back but pushed forth. The class lessons moved really fast and  I am sure a few 4 letter words slipped from my mouth… We have 2 nuns and a priest in my class so I do try to keep it zipped but there are some days when I am truly tested.

At coffee break I took myself to a different café and stood at the bar with cappuccino and fresh baked croissant for $2.00 euro. After class was over, I sat with a salad and glass of wine at a restaurant in my neighbourhood. I then decided to go for a walk to this bookstore to purchase a couple of Italian grammar books… They have exercises with the answers in the back. I am arming myself yet again with knowledge.

It was sunny, hot and my first day in sandals. The afternoon was full of activity which comprised of 2 hours of walking 30 minutes of Yoga and  my usual 280 steps (Atleast!!!) I felt wonderful. I spent most of the evening doing homework …there was no time for play. But… today is Friday and I am thinking…walks, I’m thinking fountains, I’m thinking Brie & Speck pizza, I’m thinking Step aerobics (not… well maybe)… I’m thinking I better get ready for school! From Bella Roma Ciao for now!


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