Dance Aerobics Were Replaced With Wine Aerobics…

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Sunday early evening I received a text that read: “Sunday’s are not for work”. A friend was dangling the carrot…  “glass of wine?”  So off I went to meet my friend at the cafe. I was really glad that I went out… but not so glad when I had to get up to go to school the next morning. It’s never one glass of wine when out with friends. We were actually ready to leave at one point and then free wine was bestowed upon us and well… as I keep saying “When in Rome!”

The next morning I was late again for class… later than I usually am… I came in as they were reviewing the homework… the teacher mentioned that the homework would be due on Wednesday…and then at coffee break my class mate told me that there was no class the following day because there was a holiday – Labour Day. I won’t lie, I was ecstatic. I think I was almost skipping back to class.

Grocery shopping followed class and my teacher was in front of me in the check out line. I am sure she wasn’t surprised to see my basket full of food. It seems that every time I answer a question in class its food related and when asked what I did on the weekend or the night before, the three verbs I always use are “mangiare, cucinare, and bere” translated “Eating, Cooking, Drinking”  In fact during the second half of class, we played a Geography Game and we had to tape pieces of paper to our forehead. The task was to guess what it read… I sat with this piece of paper taped to my forehead that read…”PIZZA”… and here I was giggling to myself about the names on the foreheads of others.

My Boogie Woogie dance fitness class was to start at 5:00 pm. After grocery shopping, I had to nap to rebuild my energy. It was hot out and the gym is about a 20 minute walk from my place. I arrived, was shown the changing rooms and then I waited for the class to start. It did not start because they did not have music… or at least that is what I was told. I am not sure but after waiting for 30 minutes I got changed and went to the reception area. As luck would have it that was the last of the Boogie Woogie classes. So now, I  have decided that I am going to commit to one month and try out the step fit classes. Surely that should keep me out of trouble and then when I go for that Brie and Speck pizza, it will be mine… outer crust and all!

When I got home from the gym, I decided to grab my laptop and go to a cafe down the cobblestone path from where I live. It was a nice change of scenery in more ways than one and I timed it perfectly because their “Happy Hour” or “Aperitivo” was starting. $8 euro for a glass of wine and you can help your self to food. They had different plates of rice, sandwiches, mini panini, etc. You can sit outside or inside… I choose inside by this open doorway. I was again taunted by little dog sitings… I thought to myself, “How much longer will I have to wait for little Alessandro Botticelli to come into my life?” Alessandro aka Sandro (futuro). I thoroughly enjoyed the company at my table: “me, myself and I”…Lionel Ritchie and Tina Turner were singing in the background and for an instant my thoughts were taken back in time…Its amazing how a song can have so much power to do that. I pulled myself back and carried on with my reading. I had just received my first email that was the start of my food writing course. I was excited… the next step in my journey. At that very moment, I felt a slight breeze blowing through the doorway and I looked up. It was one of those Rome nights that I love so much: warm…clear skies … and festive. I felt really comfortable where I was sitting and also felt quite content.  I did not need that 3rd glass of wine but it was so delicious… and well I was sort of shall we say “encouraged”… encouraged by the festive spirit of Rome…

Today I spent at home… I had homework to do, photos to edit… I don’t like staying inside all day but it was kind of the perfect day for it. Alas it is time to go as I have to be up early for class tomorrow morning. “I will not be late… I will not be late…”

From Bella Roma… Ciao for Now!

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