Monday … Post Feasting Day and Back to School

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Ciao! I trashed this post and now have decided to untrash and revise.

The weekend was full of new food experiences. On Saturday, I finally had pizza. It was sooo good and an amazing super thin crust with  funghi (mushrooms) and sausage (in photo slide for your drooling pleasure). Saturday night I went for dinner. I was going out of my comfort zone again as it was a late dinner at 10:00 pm.  When I arrived people were waiting to be seated inside… the place was packed! The restaurant is quite popular with locals as well there were a few tourists. The waiter told me If I wanted to sit outside there was one table available… it happened to be that it was right beside 2 other men. I took it. Later a 3 rd man (their friend) showed up and he was seated at my table. “This is interesting” I thought to myself, … “I am basically sharing my table with another man.” but,… I went with it and thought, “When in Rome.” The men started chatting with me. It turned out that one guy had been to Whistler and Vancouver. Then my food started coming. It was sort of hard to eat with people staring at me but I did a pretty good job. I started with the Fiori di Zucca…. they were really good and the service was fast so they were still warm when they arrived at my table. They had the right balance of cheese and anchovies. Then, I had the Pasta with Tartufo and Bacon.. I did my best to twirl my pasta with my fork … you know without flinging it everywhere… and also answer the men who were chatting with me. After the pasta I ordered a fabulous Panna  Cotta with Caramel. It was so light, creamy and fresh fresh fresh. Really glad that I ordered it…. the presentation was lovely too. There had been an offer to go for drink later but it never came to fruition … I decided that it was my queue to leave… so I left my wine glass  1/2 full and departed. It had been an interesting evening.

This weekend I had taken a step towards searching for an apartment in Venice. I had emailed an agency that had posted a few rentals. They replied to my email with “one very short sentence” this morning. Hmmm maybe now is not the time. Well at least the ball is motion… and the search has started. Who knows where I will end up. I just know that I want to be rooted…

Sunday was pretty quiet and today I was back at school. I am really “in the moment” when I am in class because the teacher keeps us moving with the lesson. On that note I better get started on my homework!!! From Bella Roma … ciao for now! P.S. I am completely HOOKED on the Spartacus Prequel series!!!

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