Giò has Really Nice Buns dot dot dot

I love the early mornings in Rome and  I love Giò. Why? dot dot dot… because Giò … HAS really nice BUNS!… Sorry ladies, I am not talking about an Italian man but a restaurant by my language school. I sometimes get a piccolo panino…they are bite size but today and yesterday I had a medium “rye” panino with Lox, some sort of creamy cheese (which I think I had mistaken for Brie) and rucola … I just have one word “O-M-G”… I will sit by myself devouring the entire panino… the cappuccino – > creamy clouds that hover above the espresso… and service -> charming and always with a smile…

Yesterday, I was reading one of Rome’s mini local event booklets called “Romeing”. One article was about an Expat in Rome who mentioned what it was like to live in a flat located in a noisy area. I must be really lucky because my mini flat is quiet. I can hear traffic from the main street but just barely… in fact, I barely hear my neighbours. I am not sure if “quiet” is foreign to me because I spent 10 years living on Cornwall Avenue in Vancouver (major major beach traffic).  The sounds I hear from my apartment: the seagulls (which always remind me of being by water or Vancouver, swallows, other birds as well as the lovely sound of church bells. Here in Rome, I am close to the River Tiber (Tevere in Italian) actually it is just out the door, up the stairs and across the street.

School so far, seems to feel better this time around. I actually understand what the teacher is saying and teaching… kind of important si? I remember when I first started I did not have a clue what they were explaining. Everything is taught in Italian right from square one (as I have mentioned before). But now, I actually “get” what I am doing, which is very important to me especially if I want to utilize the language. During the coffee break one of the teachers who had tested me (also a previous teacher) asked me if everything was good with my new class and I told her “yes”… and now that I have been down that Question Mark Cloud Road, I sympathize with any new students who don’t get it. And you know what else, I don’t mind that it is Tuesday… a good sign!

A nap followed three hours of class today… woke up with a press mark on my face but I quickly freshened up and went down to Emporio alla Pace. I sat with my homework and a Peroni, the sounds around me: soft jazz, dishes clanking and people chatting in A Italian… heart.

School will be in session this coming Good Friday, however, we have Easter Monday off.  This past Sunday a lot of people were walking around with palm and olive branches… It will be interesting to experience Easter in Bella Roma… I think I might have to pop over to the Vatican…   from Bella Roma, ciao for now!

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