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Dance Aerobics have Replaced Wine Aerobics, My First Seafood Purchase, Risotto ai Frutti di Mare

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I had another wonderful weekend full of food, art and yes there was wine. After Language class on Friday, I took myself for pizza lunch. I was early enough to get a table but the outdoor seating soon filled up. I ordered some wine as I do and went with my usual strategy to eat the inside of the pizza where the crust is super thin and one can take full advantage of all of the delicious gooey cheese and toppings… As I prepared for my descent with knife and fork, I thought, “Surely the inside portion of the pizza would be equivalent to 2 slices of thin crust pizza.”

I sat facing the Santa Maria Della Pace church. My ears were moving cat like with the conversation going on next to me between 2 priests… It’s really hard not to hear conversation when the seating is so close. I looked up at the Miró! Poesia e luce sign outside the part of the church called Chiostro del Bramante. I decided after lunch that I would check it out.

Before entering the exhibit I chose to rent the audio guide because I did not have a clue as to what the art was about. I went because I was curious and in some way I always seem to find inspiration. I was very glad that I had rented the audio guide because not only did I learn about Miro I could better understand the art that was standing before me. I knew what the objects were in the paintings and also why they were created. It was a good visit and I discovered a bistro inside that I want to check out at another time.

After the exhibit I decided to pop home and then go out again to see if I could buy ingredients to make Risotto ai Frutti di Mare. I took a chance going to my usual grocery store and it turned out that they had all of the fresh seafood ingredients required. This was my first experience buying seafood in Italy. I took my recipe with me. I knew exactly what I wanted and how much but I think they thought that I needed more help and the woman from the fish market duo took over. I let her and watched as she explained in Italian… she told me how to make the fish stock. The man that was part of the fish market duo cleaned the large calamari and the scampi. The heads of the scampi were used with some fish pieces for the fish soup stock base. While I was standing there, one of the clams had sprayed a stream of water towards me… it was flirting with me… After they packaged up all of my ingredients, the gentleman told me in Italian to come back and tell them how the Risotto turned out.

Before commencing Risotto preparations, I had to decide which apron to wear… it wasn’t hard…I went straight for the Gladiator. The Risotto ai Frutti di Mare was a success. I ate about half of the steamed clams while waiting for my risotto to cook… So delicious with a glass of prosecco. After my feast, I sat back with a glass of Chardonnay with the sound of the Swallows in the background, a hint of piano music coming from somewhere … I was purring like a content cat.

I had to be up early the next morning for school. Saturday was a clear hot day… After class, I made my way to the gym in the Campo De’ Fiori area. I had success and will be starting Boogie Woogie dance fitness tomorrow… I think they also do a bit of Zumba. Wine/Prosecco aerobics have now been replaced… with dance fitness!

After a morning of intensive language class and a successful stop at the gym, I decided I was going to kick back and relax in Campo de’ Fiori.  I sat back sipping my spritz and watched the market slowly dis-assembling. Then for some crazy reason I decided to do my homework so that it wouldn’t be looming over my head on Sunday.  I heard some commotion and looked up to see a Clown running around… yes a real Clown. He was running after a woman and wacked her in the bottom with a plastic bat…then proceeded to chase another woman with a spray bottle…

Alas it is now Sunday and my Internet keys have been incredibly slow as I waited for what seemed like ages for my photos to upload. I had great plans to clean the apartment today and it still hasn’t happened… will just have to use the magic word “domani”… from Bella Roma… ciao for now!

Daily Photo – Cooking in My Piccolo Apartment Last Night…The Pre-Curser to Risotto ai Frutti di Mare…

Cooking in My Piccolo Apartment Last Night - Steaming Clams and Mussels soooooo good and soooo easy!

The Sun Hath Returneth

Buongiorno, sipping coffee before I am off for the morning language classes. The sun is back and the temperatures are warm … highs to 22 Celcius today… well according to the Weather Network.

I have 5 minutes before I dash off to get ready for school. Let’s see what can I tell you about the last couple of days… Well I found a gym that has a Latin dance class on Friday’s and I am going to pop by there today to see if it is actually a fitness class or more salsa dance related. I went in search of it Wednesday and on my way all I could think about was stopping to eat pizza. I did find the gym but it was closed due to the holiday. Have been with headache for about a week now and yesterday after class it was into my eyes. I thought I would take a break and chill at one of my local cafe’s but that wasn’t so relaxing so I took myself back home to finish up my homework. Class is in session tomorrow (Saturday) in lieu of the Wednesday holiday.  There is a new exhibit called “LUX in Arcana” – Vatican Secret Archives reveals itself… will see if I can get to this!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Friday from Bella Roma!

Daily Photo – Viva L’Italia!

Daily Photo – Just Another Day in Bella Roma

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Project “Clean Casa Cinzia” Commences

I think I need to research what foods are good for “the memory”… or rather mental exertion because I am finding myself to be just spent after class and homework every day… I was absolutely exhausted after the build up towards last Friday’s test that even my eye had started twitching. It might help if I stick to my Yoga regime.

Today after school I went to buy supplies for the Apartment cleanse. Project “Clean Casa Cinzia” commences domani! I have done a bit of the prep work today but that’s all I am going to do.  My mini nova flat seriously needs a good floor wash and dusting of high wood beams as they are sporting cob-webs which really are not very fashionable unless you want to pretend you are living in a haunted house. As you can see from the photo below, I placed some incentive in the bucket …for later.

The Apartment Cleanse Commences...

Tomorrow is a National holiday in Italy as it is Liberation Day. And at this very moment, it is raining which makes it the perfect night to curl up with Spartacus… the prequel series that I am absolutely hooked on.  I think I hear the swords clashing now which means it is my queue to go…. from Bella Roma Ciao for now!!

Monday … Post Feasting Day and Back to School

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Ciao! I trashed this post and now have decided to untrash and revise.

The weekend was full of new food experiences. On Saturday, I finally had pizza. It was sooo good and an amazing super thin crust with  funghi (mushrooms) and sausage (in photo slide for your drooling pleasure). Saturday night I went for dinner. I was going out of my comfort zone again as it was a late dinner at 10:00 pm.  When I arrived people were waiting to be seated inside… the place was packed! The restaurant is quite popular with locals as well there were a few tourists. The waiter told me If I wanted to sit outside there was one table available… it happened to be that it was right beside 2 other men. I took it. Later a 3 rd man (their friend) showed up and he was seated at my table. “This is interesting” I thought to myself, … “I am basically sharing my table with another man.” but,… I went with it and thought, “When in Rome.” The men started chatting with me. It turned out that one guy had been to Whistler and Vancouver. Then my food started coming. It was sort of hard to eat with people staring at me but I did a pretty good job. I started with the Fiori di Zucca…. they were really good and the service was fast so they were still warm when they arrived at my table. They had the right balance of cheese and anchovies. Then, I had the Pasta with Tartufo and Bacon.. I did my best to twirl my pasta with my fork … you know without flinging it everywhere… and also answer the men who were chatting with me. After the pasta I ordered a fabulous Panna  Cotta with Caramel. It was so light, creamy and fresh fresh fresh. Really glad that I ordered it…. the presentation was lovely too. There had been an offer to go for drink later but it never came to fruition … I decided that it was my queue to leave… so I left my wine glass  1/2 full and departed. It had been an interesting evening.

This weekend I had taken a step towards searching for an apartment in Venice. I had emailed an agency that had posted a few rentals. They replied to my email with “one very short sentence” this morning. Hmmm maybe now is not the time. Well at least the ball is motion… and the search has started. Who knows where I will end up. I just know that I want to be rooted…

Sunday was pretty quiet and today I was back at school. I am really “in the moment” when I am in class because the teacher keeps us moving with the lesson. On that note I better get started on my homework!!! From Bella Roma … ciao for now! P.S. I am completely HOOKED on the Spartacus Prequel series!!!

Daily Photo – Filetti di Pollo Croccante al Sesamo at Il Corallo Restaurant, Rome

Daily Photo – Grocery Shopping

Stravecchio Cheese

Daily Photo – If We are not Able to Dream then What Would be the Point?

Looking Through the Window - ca' d'Oro Palace - Venice

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