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Daily Photo – Just Another Day During Venice Carnival

Mamma Mia…

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Late Lunch ✓

I spent yesterday morning working on photos and was finally finished by 1:00 pm. I was up until after 11:00 pm the night before working on the same project… time flies when I am on my laptop.

Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of an Americano and I finally got out for lunch at around 2 pm. I went to Osteria La Danesiha. I ordered the Fiori di Zucca and Terrina di Melanzane alla Parmigiana con Bufala. As I was eating my phone rang… it was Georgio. I had mentioned him in my blog a few weeks back… he was the guy that had stood in front of the restaurant across the cobblestone path mouthing words to me, intensely staring and shaking his shirt as though to cool himself off… he had also followed me.  “Where are you!” he asked me in Italian (except it sounded a tad more demanding)… ok the entire phone call  caught me a bit off guard, I simply replied  “in Roma”.. and then I said my favourite line “non capisco”.  I suddenly felt like he knew exactly where I was …really he did work just down the street a bit…I started looking around wondering if he was hiding around the corner… He said he was in Piazza Navona and then I told him that I was later meeting friends and said goodbye. As I put my phone down, a statuesque Roman Gladiator in sport coat and jeans walked through the patio where I was sitting and disappeared into the restaurant… “Mamma Mia…!” were the words in the heart-shaped thought bubble above my head...“He reminded me of a Roman version of  Alexis Georgoulis from “My Life in Ruins” (Gorgeous Georgoulis) … more specifically …I am referring to the character “Poupi Kakas” I have attached a link so that you can share in my vision…  http://www.imdb.com/media/rm799323904/nm1096845

This morning I woke up and felt  heavy with thoughts. I felt a lot better after contacting the Director from my school. I am going back in on Monday to be tested so that I can be put into the appropriate level… so I will be back to the studies on Monday. I feel ready now. I have had time to step back and absorb. Venice is still hovering over my head as well… it is like there is an invisible umbilical cord that has attached itself to my heart and if I let my thoughts lay there for too long this bizarre pain returns…like the pain when you have broken up with someone that you really care about. In a way, I feel as though I was part of a movie… a character in a play so to speak… I got to see Carnival 2 weekends in a row… and have dinner with people dressed in amazing 17th Century costume… for someone like myself who has studied fashion design with historical costume being my favourite subject, well I was pretty much in heaven. The gothic windows on the buildings as well have meaning to me. When I used to design I would sketch my models under gold gothic archways… so you can imagine how being exposed to all of this would impact me. Not to mention everything else that I have been blithering on about like a broken hearted teenager. Even… visiting that mask shop on my first visit… total fantasy… wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to make a Carnival mask? The colourful Murano glass jewelry and mosaics have started spawning design ideas in my head and I am thinking of picking up a sketch book… oh and if anyone knows of a Palace I can stay in for $100 euro a night or less feel free to contact me! : )

The best thing to do when I feel this way is to throw myself back out there…I had decided to go and have my combo breakfast/lunch starting at La Focaccia. I haven’t had pizza for over one week…I am sure that it has been 2-3 weeks actually. Trying to get a grip on my pizza lust. But really how bad can it be for you? It has all of the food groups and the crust is super thin. I try to avoid the outer crust and go straight to the center… the heart and soul of the pizza where all of the gooey cheese and heavenly ingredients lay.  You can watch the man making the fresh pizza crusts… actually you can watch him making the entire pizza. The oven where my pizza was cooked with Roman amore can be seen in the photo slide. The aftermath photo is not very pretty … I would have stopped at the half-way point but it was so delicious… just needed to fit in that 1-2 hour walk after…but instead, I went a few steps down the cobblestone path to Emporio Alla Pace for a cappuccino. I love it in there. Locals come in with their little dogs.

As I work on this post, I am thinking about what I want to get done tomorrow…serious north pole action happening in my freezer. I would need to get up really early to tackle that job. Also thinking about making weekend plans for 2 weeks from now… just doing the research… Time to call it an evening… from Bella Roma… ciao for now!


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