Buongiorno Monday… New Day… New Week…

Buongiorno a tutti! It’s a beautiful morning in Bella Roma and the temperatures are supposed to go as high as 20 Celsius today. I am sipping an Americano as I type this and thinking about the tasks ahead of me today.

I have to contact my school Director by email as per his request before returning to school. Before I took this break, I had asked that I be tested again to ensure that I am put in the appropriate level of language class. As well, I have my 1 hour lesson with my tutor this afternoon.

I am hoping to get back to my Rome walks which, will be a new category in my Blog… I also write a blog with an Expat group and I have written and provided tons of photos of previous walks and experiences from the past 2 trips to Italy (Rome and Florence). As well, if you want to read my story from the very beginning, you can find it here:  http://blogs.angloinfo.com/heart-fountain-italy/  I recommend scrolling back to the first post at December 2010.

My thoughts have been up and down as I try to figure out if I am going in the right direction. Was Venice a complete waste of time? Should I pack it all in and go back to work in an office? Should I go back to Canada? Crazy I know… my brother even emailed expressing his concern for my extended visits to Venice. I think positive re-inforcement/encouragement is more of what I need to hear rather than someone’s fears adding to the ones I might already be carrying.  Most people that I know living here, have someone i.e. a partner to fall back on or their parents… they have someone to help them along whether it be travelling to another town, dining out or having a place to stay. I am doing this by myself so I need to keep the “positive” going. On that note, it’s time to get this day started… I do not want to dwell too long in thought..seriously!

From Bella Roma…. Ciao for Now!

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