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On the Train Again Woot Woot!

Packing Checklist:

4 Italian Language books (è vero)

Coconut Body Lotion

D & G Light Blue

1 Pair of boots (not 4)


Yoga Mat

I really did pack my 4 language books and they are heavier than the 4 pair of boots I packed last time! This time I am only bringing one pair… of course this does not include the pair I am wearing now. As the weather gets increasingly warmer I am trying to think ahead with respect to what I need to pack when I travel. According to the weather network Venezia is 5 degrees cooler. I am wearing a t-shirt and a loose short sleeve cotton sweater and was absolutely sweating on the bus to the train station. It is going to be another warm sunny day in Bella Roma -> 20 Celsius!

I forgot to pack the corkscrew again but I am thinking that the apartment will most likely have one. If you can believe it, on my last 2 visits the store in my Venice neighbourhood had completely sold out of corkscrews.

I left the flat without eating breakfast because I was running late. There is an express bus, no. 40 Termini that I catch on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. I made it to the train station with 10 minutes to spare and I even managed to grab a $2 euro Panini from the vending machine. I know that might sound a bit dodgy but its actually good… it’sbetter than the sandwich I had purchased  on board the last time and half the price.

I am booking “mini” fares now when I travel by train. You can save almost 50% by booking fares at least 2 days in advance. The flexibility is less of course for example if you have to change the ticket you must do so at the train station. With the flexible fares you can change or cancel tickets online.

The train conductor/ticket inspector came by earlier…he had Antonio Banderas eyes… he pronounced my first name in Italian which is what I call myself in Italy and he pronounced my last name correctly which most people get wrong… in fact he is the first ticket inspector to actually say my name… hmmm Antonio Banderas eyes and he pronounced my name correctly… good start to the trip…

I know I just returned from Venice 3 days ago but it actually feels like that trip was a month ago. The train is now leaving Florence and I better sign off and get some studying done. Really hoping the apartment is as described…fingers crossed. For the full report, read me in Venezia! Ciao for Now!


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