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Love at First Sight – Hotel Pesaro Palace, Venice, Italy

I thought I would do a series of photo slides of a couple of the different rooms I have stayed in at Hotel Pesaro Palace… starting with the Junior Suite. For me, it was love at first sight on my very first trip to Venice in December. I managed to grab a fantastic off-season rate for the Junior Suite. I choose the  non-refundable internet rate for the best deal. I stayed for 3 nights and have continued to come back again and again. Enjoy! I did! Photos of the other rooms to follow!

Acts of Kindness are Gifts – Revisiting the Definition of A**hole – Re-Focusing

This morning I received some really nice messages from Vancouver that came at the right time. One was a belated birthday wish from a dance instructor in Vancouver. He can actually be seen in Michael Bublé’s music video “Save the Last Dance For Me.” (if you google it, you will find the video on youtube) He is the dance instructor in the video. Anyways his message read:

“I won’t wish you happiness.

I wish you ridiculous joy and dare you create the wildest, most amazing adventures beyond your

♪♥♥ [̲̅̅S][̲̅̅E][̲̅̅X][̲̅̅Y] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅!]

 So [̲̅̅D][̲̅̅R][̲̅̅E][̲̅̅A][̲̅̅M] [̲̅̅B][̲̅̅I][̲̅̅G] !!

Stop and Think.

What could possibly hold you back, really?!!”

Grazie Raymundo!!! And thank you everyone for the encouraging messages. I left Venice and there were no tears but it was really hard to say goodbye to Pesaro Palace and the familiar faces that were so kind.  Paola and Giuseppe were not on shift when I left … I loved listening to them talk to each other in the evening when I was having a spritz or prosecco whilst working on laptop. Before heading out the door, I waved goodbye to one lady that works during the breakfast hours. She came up to see me off. She always made sure that a cappuccino was at my table when I went to dish up breakfast… For me it was like being given a gift… but then I think acts of kindness are gifts. All of the staff are super nice there and they made my stay very special. But I don’t like being in limbo and it was time to go home and get rooted. My hotel room was starting to feel too romantic, large and quiet. The room is gorgeous and the view of the canal stunning and it did make me feel sad to leave when I looked out the window. It was also reminding me of events and people… in fact on this past trip I revisited the Definition of ”ASSHOLE” … it presented itself to me by way of human form as one might expect. Now it is time to release, re-focus and create new experiences. I need to get my Venice back and I need to be able to travel without being pulled all over the place…. Even when I woke up yesterday morning, I wondered if I had made a mistake booking a place to go back up next weekend… of course the previous night after making my decision and going with gut instinct, I was at complete peace…knowing I had done the right thing. But when I woke up in the morning I was second guessing myself. “Need to stop thinking so much”, I told myself… “release the fear…or rather feel the fear and do it anyway”…  (Fear comes in many forms and it can kill dreams) The weekends here and there will be a good way to really figure things out… and it will be a nice break from the school week.

The train ride was lovely as usual and I managed to move to a single seat where I took time to review my language book and work on laptop when the signal allowed. I took time as well to gaze at the changing countryside … the Cherry blossom trees were in full bloom in some areas and after the train went through Florence, the hillsides were dotted with sheep and … I spotted some baby colts. Apparently there was some sort of strike with the staff on the train? Not sure but the ladies still came around with the cart and in fact they offered me drinks a couple of times. I started with an espresso but water was pretty much my choice of drink for the trip. When I arrived in Rome, I walked through Termini and it was refreshing to have the Roman men throwing me the glance … always a good boost for self. My suitcase accidently ran over some man’s foot but I can’t be fully to blame for it. He wasn’t paying attention because he was walking and talking on his cell phone… I walked out of Termini and only had to wait about 10 minutes for my bus (No. 70), which basically drops me off 1 block from my apartment building.  It’s only 1 euro to catch a bus. I don’t have a bus pass, I just buy my bus tickets as I need them from the Tabacchi stands. For those that don’t know this, you can buy a bus/metro ticket in Termini at the magazine/tobacco stands or from the machines at the bus loop area outside. It was nice to be back in the big city and see the palm trees… my bus goes by Piazza Venezia and its huge monument…then it passes Largo di Torre Argentina home of the famous cat sanctuary…”hmm” I thought to myself… “could use a dose of kitty love.. will have to pop over there for a visit.” And speaking of kitties, the Winged Lion was making its appearance before me several times on the side of buildings…

I was off my bus and waiting for the light to turn green so I could cross the street…one man on his Vespa was staring at me… I could feel the lazer vision penetrating my aura … “oh why not”, so rather than ignoring, I decided to stare back…He was wearing Ray-bans and looking Italian sexy… The lights changed and we parted ways…Thought bubble, “It must be my hair”…Bottega Verde gave me a sample the night before, of their special Argan oil for hair…the stuff is amazing and when I go back to Venice this weekend I will be buying some. My hair had gone from dry dry dry to fabulous shiny silk. I know I sound like a commercial but it’s true. My skin and hair get super dry in Venice.  I pretty much went through an entire jar of coconut body cream this past visit….

I did manage to lug my suitcase up the thousands of stairs to my piccolo appartamento… and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I walked into my clean apartment and opened the window. I didn’t feel that “no air” feeling of separation anxiety. I had a moment of it on the train as I reflected over the past 2 weeks but I immediately implemented the special breathing technique. I don’t like that my sensitivity can get the best of me at times. Sometimes, it is like a curse to have this gift of being able to “sense and feel” things.  But, as any creative person knows it is our sensitivity and that ability to feel that makes us able to create. It is just learning how to nurture that side when things get out of hand. What I really need to do is get back to my Reiki self treatments.

I read an article about travel and trying to stay grounded. One of the suggestions was to keep some sort of routine going… So with that being said, I did not bother to unpack. I did a quick check of my apartment and decided to go to Circus Art Café and have a spritz. My friend came to join me and we had a good catch up.

Still with a sinus head cold but I think that it is making it’s way out. I have started my morning listening to Chris Moyles and the gang online… I do listen to a lot of Italian news etc but I like my British humour…  I have to make my appointment to see the school director next week, get myself tested again. My To-Do List over the next few days: Spring clean apartment is on the agenda, study, and personal photo projects…lots to do … and exercise -> lovely Rome walks and to wind the day down -> Yoga.  Now will I actually do all of said items on To-Do-List?…. Will keep you posted… p.s. hoping to get a photo slide up today of the hotel … Ciao for Now!


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