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Daily Photo – Gorgeous Gothic Window in Cannaregio

The Ways of the Italian Man – A Survival Guide for Foreign Women Living in Italy…

Sounds of the Grand Canal at 5:30 a.m.:
The Rialto Market setting up
Symphony of Seagulls
the Vaporetto…

I love the mornings here on the Canal!

Just after 6:00 a.m. I pulled out my Yoga mat. I have started repeating mantras to myself, in my head and practicing breathing techniques.  I find this helps to keep myself from being pulled off balance especially with the “uomo” (man) situazione. I will use what ever mind and spiritual power necessary.  Any foreign woman who has lived in Italy probably knows what I am talking about when it comes to the uomo. I am seriously thinking I should put together a survival guide and entitle it:  “The Ways of the Italian Man”…. I could use the outline from my Ways of the Latin Man “draft”.

After 30 minutes of Yoga I thought about freshening up and going down for breakfast but my Italian bed was flirting with me… it said: “Cinzina…per favore, come back to bed cara… you are on vacation…forget about everything … you deserve only this time with me…” I woke up 2 hours later and full morning activities were happening on the Canal.

Backing up to yesterday, I woke up to another sunny morning and feeling pretty happy that I was able to extend my stay here in Venice. The night before last I had gone online to check availability for my hotel as I was thinking of extending my stay through this coming weekend. It showed the hotel as being sold out. I went to the front desk to enquire about extending my stay and they had one classic room left. I decided to go out for a bit… have a spritz and grab a slice of $2.50 euro pizza and come back. Upon my return, a miracle had occurred. I was able to keep my same room for a very good price. Grazie Mille to the angel that managed to make that happen for me.

Yesterday, I decided to research a tour that goes to Murano, Torcello and Burano islands. A friend told me about Burano and the colourful little houses, Murano of course has the glass blowing and Torcello has the islands’ first Cathedral (approx. 639 AD). The boat tour I was reading about is 4 hours long. It costs $20 euro and it takes you from San Marco to these 3 islands and back by boat. I went over to enquire further and it turns out that the boat stops for 40 minutes at each place. The other option is to buy a 12-hour water bus (vaporetto) ticket, which costs $16 euro, and go to the islands myself but, for $4 euro more why not go with a tour!! I think I might do this.

My companion->Nikon and I headed out at about 11 yesterday morning…I was ready to do some exploring. There were a lot of locals sitting outside at the cafe’s and wafts of sweet baking had come to greet my senses…how can you not walk with a smile on your face when you enter this world… To walk from my hotel to San Marco is about 1 km. I stopped at a couple of places along the way. One was at a store called Campo di Fragole. My instincts must have been bang on because I found exactly what I was looking for… a nose pin. The lady was really helpful too. I had lost the last pin on my second day here and I hadn’t a clue where I could find one. Then I stopped at an eyeglass store called Foto Ottica Viani to buy reading glasses … I had great conversation with the lady that helped me. I had told her that I was living in Rome studying Italian and she told me that she was studying English. It was a nice chat comparing language-learning woes. By the time I got to San Marco I decided it was time for lunch.

After lunch my exploration continued… I headed to where the tour boat was located. After getting the information that I required, I left and walked the boardwalk for a while. It was really warm out so I did not need a jacket in that area. The out door cafés were looking rather tempting as I looked over to see a lot of people sipping in the sun… One waiter even tried to lure me with his sweet talk…. oh my gawd how many times have I heard that line….I did not stop…

I had put in a good 3.5 hours of walking and back at the hotel although feeling sleepy I wanted to work on photos and sip a spritz. Time really flies when I do this but, it was time to take a break. I decided to walk over to the other hotel lounge. I forgot that it was my friend’s day off but in lieu of friend there before me stood a Mr. Big look-a-like…do you remember Mr. Big from Sex in the City? Well this was the slightly younger Spanish version … actually I am guessing that he was Spanish because I could distinguish a slight but more refined Antonio Banderas accent. He had really nice hands too… just really nice… alas, I left and picked up a slice of pizza to take to the hotel… just did not feel like sitting in a restaurant.

And now, here I am as I type this it is Wednesday afternoon just after 1:30 pm. I am sitting on the very tranquil and lovely patio at Hotel Pesaro Palace. Sunshine, Classical music playing in the background, little birds chirping and My Grand Canal… My Paradise …


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