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An Afternoon of Pizza, Wine, Cafe Macchiato, Amaretto and Italian Vintage…

Not long now and I will be sipping Prosecco on the Grand Canal!

I had very strange dreams last night…  what was that Italian stranger doing in my bed… and where did the half eaten corn dogs come from? I think it was due to my overload of thoughts …and language study/class anxiety. I went to surf the net to read feedback about other’s experience with language learning. I discovered that a lot of people attending language classes have very similar symptoms to mine … example #1: knowing the answer but then blanking out in class. Even after talking with classmates here and there I found that they too had a lot of the same symptoms and fears as well… language class anxiety example #2: when the majority of the class does not show up on a Friday…leaving yours truly to have to answer 10 times as many questions as I would normally have to…Thoughts about quitting were again floating through my mind like little clouds last night… yes still! I did say that I usually start cracking by Tuesday evening. But, I worked through it…and I think all of this studying is starting to work…I will let you know for sure by Friday at approximately 1:00 p.m. Whether I pass or fail the test… , I will be sipping a glass of vino bianco to celebrate the fact that I did actually make it through another test.

This morning I woke up to some thunder and rain. It was cold out as well… but on my cappuccino break at Giò Ristorante, I got to catch a bit of the news on their TV. It looked like Northern Italy got alot of snow.

This morning’s class was good. It’s Wednesday and I do not feel like taking flight so that is a good sign. I think it also helped that I took myself out for lunch after at Ristorante Cantina & Cucina. I had been there before Christmas with some classmates and I remembered how good their pizza was. I was given a table with the window view.  I ordered pizza funghi and a glass of wine. It’s a really nice thin crust pizza… Amo pizza!  I tried to take a photo with my cell phone but I did not realize that there was a smear on the lense…next time, I will bring my camera.

As I sat there gazing at the building across the street, the sun popped out and at that very moment, I noticed an “ionic” column fully exposing itself to me…amazing…

After pizza, I ordered a café macchiato… and they brought me a complimentary amaretto… this would surely burn off some of that pizza…

I left the restaurant and stopped in to the grocery store to pick up some salmon stuffed ravioli… my planned dinner menu: salad with salmon stuffed ravioli in a light salmon cream sauce … I will do what ever is necessary to coax myself along this language journey.  I walked past the building that had my name on its intercom/buzzer. Back in November I was walking along and I saw my Swedish friend so stopped to chat…I stopped right in front of this buzzer. When were chatting my friend saw the name on the Buzzer and she pointed it out to me… and said, “Do you believe in fate?”

I perused 2 Vintage stores before heading back to the flat. I was quite successful in one called “Cinzia”.  I bought a pair of mini boots and purse…the owner gave me a present… she let me choose a free scarf.

What a successful day it had been… morning cappuccino… successful morning class followed by food…wine… amaretto… vintage store purchase and I managed to squeeze in a mini nap. I have done my homework and a bit of review. After this post I am going to wind down my evening with 30 minutes of yoga and will do some more reviewing by way of my home-made flash cards….from Bella Roma, Buonanotte a Tutti!

Daily Photo – Atop the Basilica di San Marco – Venice


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